Weekend of All Stars


Each August, NRS Trailers picks 20 individuals to represent our company, brand, and what we stand for. They can range from ages grade school through high school and must have purchased a trailer from NRS Trailers. In addition, they apply by sending in a resume and 2 letters of recommendation. NRS Trailers looks at not only their skills inside the arena, but more importantly their character outside of it, as we want our team to be “all-stars” in every aspect of their life. This year, we welcomed our 2019-2020 NRS Trailers All Star Team to the ranch for two days full of learning and fun.

Trevor Brazile & Patrick Smith

We began our weekend Friday morning with breakfast and introductions, as some of our team members were new, while others were returning members from the previous year. We then got to hear from NRS Trailers Endorsees and World Champions – Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith. These two talked of the ups and downs of rodeo and what keys, they deemed, lead to success. 

Our all-star team is fortunate to be sponsored by some of the best in the industry: Wrangler, Resistol and Justin boots. Each year, team members receive four Wrangler button up shirts that include each of our sponsors patches, four Wrangler jean cards, a Resistol straw and felt hat, and a pair of Justin boots. With reps from each company on hand, our team broke into groups and went to not only collect, but learn more about their gear. Justin rep Jason Morgan helped fit each member with their correct boot size. Resistol reps Justin Thomason and Joe Hagaman manned the hat bar, helping shape each members Resistol straw hat. Wrangler rep Joe Tomeu and Collene Burnell brought their road show trailer and set up actual fitting rooms for each member to find their perfect fit.

Trevor Brazile & Patrick Smith speaking to the 2019 NRS Trailer All Star Team

For lunch, we served only the best chicken fried steak in the state of Texas from none other than Babe’s. The team was then given a behind the scenes look as they toured the store, ranch, and trailer dealership. When they arrived at the dealership, we introduced them to their first team building challenge of the weekend – dancing. NRS Trailers has become well known for their music videos and promotions each month, therefore we wanted our team to experience firsthand the time that gets put into making our videos each month.

We headed back up to store for individual headshots with photographer Steve Robinson, and for dinner we had a “patio party” equipped with a corn hold tournament and fresh burgers and brats prepared for us by NRS Trailers National Sales Manager Jayson Johnson. 

We ended the day with a sunset team shot in front of some of our coolest Twister and Cimarron trailers, as well as the trending dance, “The Git Up Challenge”.

2019 NRS Trailers All Star Team

After a full day Friday, our team was ready to roll again Saturday morning as we enjoyed breakfast and a social media talk with NRS Trailers Marketing Manager and head of the All Star Team, Kaitlyn Corzine. She then broke the members back into their dance teams and sent them off on a scavenger hunt of the ranch. The hunt was full of riddles that lead them to various spots around the ranch and the first team back with all of the correct pictures won.

The team regained their energy from the hunt with some Joe’s pizza and ended the day with a third and final team building game of “Snap, Clap”. Acquisitions and Logistics Manager Brandon Henderson rounded out the weekend with a motivational talk to get them ready for another year of rodeo.

The weekend was our best All-Star Event to date and we can’t wait to see how this team represents us this next year!     

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