Summer Solutions for the Horse Owner

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Equine enthusiasts know that keeping horses in tip-top athletic shape is no easy task. At NRS we strive to connect people with the products they need to perform at their best. Here are some highly utilized and helpful products for summer time woes.

Of course, it is crucial to keep your horse’s electrolyte levels in the optimum range. After all, their athleticism can be greatly hindered when their levels are not at their best. This is especially important in the summer due to the unrelenting heat of the sun and high humidity levels. A fantastic solution to keep your horse(s) healthy, is to implement an electrolyte into their daily ration.


Apple Elite Electrolytes
When your horse needs help replenishing vital minerals in his body, look no further than Farnam Apple Elite Horse Electrolyte Supplement. Hot weather or stress can deplete the electrolytes your horse needs to stay healthy, but now there is a way to ensure your horse always has the nutrients he needs. This supplement immediately provides a complete electrolyte formula, replacing electrolytes lost during sweat.

We all know how much of an impact stress can have on horses. The well-being of an animal can hinge upon the amount of stress that their bodies are combating. As such, the annoyance of external pests cannot be ignored. Not only do flies, ticks and mosquitoes cause physical distress, but they also harbor diseases as well–West Nile, Lyme Disease, and Bots, for example. However, there is a defense mechanism to repel the pesky creatures!


B-Free of Flies

All products listed above:
Horse owners love its effectiveness as a grooming aid and coat conditioner.
Use B-Free of Flies Flying Insect Controls to Kill and repel stable flies, horn flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.


UV Rays are known for the harmful effects on delicate human skin, but did you know that animals are also prone to sunburn and skin cancer? It is critical to keep dark colored horses out of the sun in order to prevent that “brassy” overcoat from creeping in. Additionally, owners of grey, appaloosas, and paints should be cautious of protecting their horses’ lightly pigmented skin.

Sunflower Suncoat


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