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NRS Ranch is home to it’s very own custom Saddle making shop.  The NRS Saddle shop produces the esteemed NRS Pro Series Saddle & Tack line.  The shop is located strategically only feet from the NRS Arena dirt where the tack items are put into action.  NRS built this saddle shop to bring the production of quality tack under the same roof as some of the best horsemen in the industry. Experienced saddle makers work closely with the NRS Pro Series Development Team to create some of the best fitting, riding and looking saddles in the western industry.

The NRS Saddle Shop is made up of a family of artisans that mold each piece of leather into a work of art. They only use the best materials to ensure longevity, beauty and in the case of saddles, safety. With the proper care, products from our saddle shop should last generations. They use American hides tanned in American tanneries like Hermann Oak and Wickett & Craig. Stainless steel hardware is the cherry on top of the leather work to reinforce complete satisfaction. A custom saddle is a saddle maker’s canvas. It starts with a detailed drawing and morphs into a beautiful piece of leather artwork. It’s a pleasure to have a saddle that defines you with brands, logos, flowers, patterns or just about anything you can dream up. There are no assembly lines in this saddle shop. Each saddle, belt, knife sheath, gun holster is created from the hands of one craftsman. Everyone is experienced and skilled in his or her own craft – from the design, cutting, sewing and tooling. Satisfaction is guaranteed with all the products that are created in the saddle shop.

The NRS Saddle Shop Manager, J. David Huey, has been in the Saddle shop business for 25 years. He has previously worked for Cajun Saddlery, M.L. Leddy’s, Luskey/Ryon’s Saddlery, Murray Leather and Cowboy Tack, where he worked with our very own, Sonny Miller. David has one daughter, three grandchildren, and one great-grandson and he enjoys team roping and educating folks on the finer points of saddle making.

Work closely with our saddle makers to design the saddle of your dreams.

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