NRS Trailers All-Star Team Event Weekend – August 10-11, 2018


Each year, NRS Trailers picks 20 individuals to represent their company and what they stand for, as they compete both in and out of the rodeo arena. Applicants can range from Jr. High to High School in age, live in any city or state, and their families must have purchased a trailer from NRS Trailers. From there, applicants are asked to send in a biography, resume, and 2 reference letters their peers have written about the applicants’ character. NRS Trailers pays attention to applicants’ ability within the arena, but they pay even closer attention to their character both inside and outside of it. Members of the NRS Trailers All-Star Team are “all-stars” all the way around.

For the last few years, NRS Trailers has set aside a weekend, dedicated to their team, and this year was nothing short of fun. The new 2018-2019 All-Star Team poured into NRS bright and early Friday morning and began with a breakfast and announcements. Each year, NRS Trailers provides their team with a handful of Wrangler jeans and shirts with their sponsors’ patches, as well as Justin boots, and both a felt and straw hat. Wrangler representative Joe Tomeu and Resistol representative Justin Thomason, joined the team to help them get their gear, and with the help of NRS’s floor staff, the team was dressed from head to toe and ready to take on their new rodeo season.

Once they had their gear, they headed back to meet with NRS photographer Steve Robinson for headshots and a team photo. Part of the team member requirements throughout the year, is that team members send their results to NRS Trailers marketing manager Kaitlyn Corzine to post on social media, therefore the dealership likes to have headshots on hand. The team spent some time with NRS Trailers Sales Manager and head of the team Brandon Henderson, learning the “snap, clap game”. Through this game, the team not only learned coordination, but they also learned how to lose with humility and grace. According to Brandon, “We can control what happens in our snap because trials and tribulations mold us into who we want to be.”

For lunch, the team was spoiled with some of best local, homemade food around – Babe’s. They were then taken on a behind the scenes tour of the NRS store and ranch, in hopes they would have a better understanding and respect for the company as a whole. They ended the day with NRS Trailers Endorsees and World Champions Trevor Brazille and Patrick Smith. The two talked about rodeo life, the steps they’ve taken to be so successful, and provided the team with tips for their own events. Patrick Smith said he’s a strong believer of the motto “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” Patrick and Trevor both agreed that preparation is the key to their game and when things don’t go as they planned, they’re confident in their own identities. “At the end of the day, my identity comes from my Savior and how He sees me,” said Trevor Brazile.

The team finished their weekend off on Saturday with breakfast and speaker Cade Isham. Cade spoke of growing up on the NRS Ranch and how every success he’s had was not given but rather earned. “Be good at what you can control and you’ll set yourself up for success. I just choose to wake up every morning and be happy. I make it my goal to make someone else’s day better,” said Cade Isham.

The team ended with a behind the scenes tour of the NRS Trailer Dealership and met the staff that makes the dealership run day in and day out.

The weekend was a huge success and NRS Trailers is certain that they have a great team representing them this next rodeo season!

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