Next Level Goat Tying Clinic – August 10-12, 2018


On August 10-12, the NRS Event Center in Decatur, Texas had the privilege of hosting the Next Level Goat Tying Clinic. This event featured hands-on goat tying training with top Next Level Goat Tyers and instructors such as Stacey Martin. Stacey has 20 years experience in education and coaching goat tyer champions at all levels of competition. 

Over the course of this 3-day clinic, the 23 students learned many valuable skills. Participants reviewed the approach to the goat, flanking, tying, and dismounting. In addition, students spent time with a personal trainer to learn speed and agility drills to develop the athleticism abilities required for Goat Tying to make those winning runs. 

Although not a requirement, students who were able to bring their horses received further instruction on horse dismounting and training skills. 

Next Level Goat Tying Instructors also addressed the importance of developing a “competitor’s mindset” which plays a major part in preparing students for competition in rodeo.

For more information on how you can participate in upcoming events, please visit our NRS Facebook Event’s Page.

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