Meet the Mustang! May 12-13th 


NRS Ranch was proud to be able to host our Annual Meet the Mustang Event. On Thursday May 11, 100 head of adoptable mustangs arrived to the NRS arena. NRS offered free demonstrations in the round corral at the arena and at the round corral in front of the feed store both Friday and Saturday.

Over 50 youth and adult horse trainers gathered here over the 2 days to meet their wild mustang!

These mustangs will be taken home and trained for 100 days in preparation for the Extreme Mustang Makeover! Spectators watched the wild mustangs load up and head off with their trainers.   The trainers and their mustangs will return to the Will Rogers Memorial Center September 14-16 with their finished product! The top-10 trainers will split a purse of $103,000, with the champion receiving $50,000. Preliminary classes will also have added money totaling $30,000. Incentives will also be added in trainer payout and prize money.  Competing mustangs will be available for adoption September 16th in Fort Worth, TX.

For more information or to purchase tickets to the September event, go to


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