BPH Productions Thanksgiving Team Roping Events – November 23 & 24, 2018


The NRS Event Center in Decatur, TX, was the place to be for BPH Team Roping over the Thanksgiving weekend! BPH Productions held their 3rd Annual Black Friday Thanksgiving Team Roping event on November 23, and topped things off with even more roping action on the following day, Saturday, November 24th. 

Giving Thanks

A big thank you goes out to everyone who spent the day with us here at the NRS Event Center for the BPH Team Roping Event. 

For Friday’s event, another huge thank you goes out to sponsors, Embrace Victory for the awesome breast collars and to War Horse Weapons in Decatur for the Trophy Henry Rifles. Custom trophy breast collars were awarded to the 1st place winners (in the average) of every roping event. Each high point roper of the #11 and #10 combined and of the #9 and #8 combined received custom-plated trophy rifles in addition. 

Day 2 Thanksgiving Roping – Average winners of each roping event were awarded champion soft shell jackets.

BPH Productions Thanksgiving Team Roping Events Results, Friday, November 23

Results are posted below from the BPH Team Roping Black Friday Event:

Trophy Rifle Winners:

#11 & #10— Catcher Gasperson

#9 & #8— Ty Woods

#8 Results:

1st-Hadley Miller & Hector Reveles— $1640

2nd-Hadley Miller & Kent Freeman— $1280

3rd-Ty Woods & Pat Polizzo— $720

#9 Results:

1st-Larry Rice & Hector Reveles–$2380

2nd-Warren Hudspeth & Jose Ordonez— $1900

3rd-Catcher Gasperson & Jackie Davis— $1440

4th-Catcher Gasperson & Ty Woods— $950

5th-Cesar Orneales & Leon Placencia— $700

6th-Kye Burris & Hadley Miller— $560

#10 Results:

1st-Brogan Sims & Catcher Gasperson— $2600

2nd-Ty Woods & Catcher Gasperson— $2080

3rd-Kutter Johnson & Mason Rust— $1760

4th-Leon Placencia & Catcher Gasperson— $1440

5th-Mike Bullock & Alfonso Gonzales— $1160

6th-Dillon Hilton & Ty Barger— $840

7th-Nick Burnham & Oscar Espiallat—$520

#11 Results:

1st- Kutter Johnson and Carson Pilgrim— $2,520

2nd- Shaneece Coffman & Larry Cox— $2,000
3rd- Will Cowling & Catcher Gasperson— $1,720
4th- Bo Finley & Wayne McClure— $1,420
5th- Lee Newman & Steve Harrison— $1,120
6th- Kutter Johnson & Mason Rust— $800
7th- Jim Coffman & Chris Kemp— $500

Saturday, November 24, Day 2

The results from each category are as follows:

#16 Results:

1st-Cody Wheeler & Weston Podzemny— $2160

2nd-Jeff Hilton & Ben Gambrell— $1600

3rd-Peyton Walters & Justin Copp— $800

#14 Results:

1st-Doc Hobbs & Weston Podzemny— $2080

2nd-Andrew Sharp & Justin Copp— $1360

3rd-Clay Burnham & Gabriel Salgado— $400

#13 Results:

1st-Dillon Hilton & Trevor Kirchenschlager— $2500

2nd-Dillon Hilton & Chris Young— $1920

3rd-Jeff Hilton & Catcher Gasperson— $1280

4th-Madelyn Eddleman & Justin Copp— $640

#12 Results:

1st-Hunter Corbell & Jeff Hilton— $2680

2nd-John Goestchel & Jim Baker— $1980

3rd-David Dougherty & Luke Orsburne— $1320

4th-Jayme Marcrum & Kelly Boswell— $660


To view other upcoming BPH Team Roping events, visit their site here. To stay tuned with what all is going on at the NRS Event Center, follow us on Facebook, or visit us at nrsevents.com. 

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