2nd Annual Spring Spins Team Roping – BPH Productions


March 25, 2018 Spring Spins results!

Thank you to everyone that joined us yesterday! We had a great turnout and gave away some great prizes. Congrats to all the winners!


#9 Results:
1st-Joel Stein & Tanner Field–$2480 & Buckles
2nd-Robert Burns & Lynn Roller–$1980
3rd-Riley Nelson & Jasper Winn–$1480
4th-Ty Woods & Tanner Field–$1000
5th-Ty Woods & Bogar Rascon–$740
6th-Jake Rademacher & Andrew Sharp–$580

#10 Results:
1st-Catcher Gasperson & Tanner Field–$2760 & Buckles
2nd-Russ Eichler & Brian Groves–$2200
3rd-Preston Randon & Tanner Field–$1640
4th-Nick Travagley & Tanner Field–$1100
5th-Chris Eddy & Lynn Roller–$840
6th-Roley Casanova & Tanner Field–$640

#11 Results:
1st-Alan Chappel & Eddie Brock–$1800 & Buckles
2nd- Garrett Stewart & TyDaniel Haller–$1500
3rd-Colton Sims & TyDaniel Haller–$1200
4th-Richie Freestone & Cecil Tinney–$900
5th-Ricky Kuhn & Alfonzo Gonzales–$600

High Money Saddle Winner: Tanner Field

#14 Results:
1st-Nick Travagley & Justin Copp–$2760
2nd-Andrew Sharp & Justin Copp–$1840

#16 Results:
1st-TyDaniel Haller & Clay Burnham–$3700
2nd-TyDaniel Haller & John Paul Lucero–$2200
3rd-Casey Tew & Blake Bentley–$1480

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