Learning Ladder Kids learn the ropes at the Ranch


The Decatur, TX Learning Ladder stopped by on Friday, August 4. Thirty kids accompanied by their teachers stopped by to learn the ropes at NRS. They were greeted by three cashiers & three members of the tack department. We divided them up in groups to show them around.

At the round pen, Kinzee Shull did some demonstrations with her horse, Peaches. She showed them how to properly brush the horse and other grooming techniques. Next stop was the patio where they learned how to rope the dummy. After the second session, the whole group had their sack lunches in the NRS break room and watched the movie “Spirit”.

The bus came by to pick them up at 12:30 pm, and they were all smiles when they left.  They all had a great time and are ready to come back and ride the ranch.

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